Eye Examinations
At Blink Optometry, we care about your eyes.  Eye examinations are an important part of your health maintenance.  Adults should have their eye’s checked yearly to keep their prescriptions current and to check for early signs of eye disease.
Comprehensive eye examinations are used to detect a wide range of problems that could affect your vision.  Besides finding the best vision correction for you, examinations also include tests for glaucoma, macular degeneration, cataracts, and the ocular effects of many general health disorders, such as diabetes and high blood pressure.


Lenses / Contacts
Eye examination results help to determine which type of contact lens will suit your individual needs.  All types of contact lens are available, including toric (for astigmatism), bifocal, disposable, extended wear, colored, and rigid gas permeable.


Eyewear / Frames & Eyeglasses
A wide selection of high quality, fashionable, and unique eyewear is available. They are available in a number of fashion-forward designer/luxury lines to more traditional styles.  Frame materials include strong and durable lightweight plastics and metal alloys such as titanium.  Some of our frames are even made with wood! We offer the most up to date designs in lenses, from progressive no-line bifocals to extra thin lenses for prescriptions with high powers.

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